4 tips for a satisfying and safe ‘Thanksgiving feast’

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The holidays are brimming with family, friends, and food, so the Oklahoma City-County Health Department needs to help everyone to remember some food safety tips to keep their holidays happy and healthy.

CLEAN– Wash hands and surfaces regularly. Clean utensils and surfaces with high temp water subsequent to planning nourishment. Try not to wash their turkey! Washing meat just uncovered other kitchen zones and nourishments to cross-contamination. Cooking is the best way to crush conceivably perilous microorganisms.

SEPARATE– Separate raw meats from different nourishments utilize separate cutting sheets, plates, and utensils for crude meat and fresh produce. This will prevent cross-contamination.

COOK– Cooking to the safe temperature executes hurtful microbes. Turkey is sheltered when the temperature arrives at 165 degrees Fahrenheit. On the off chance that the turkey is full, at that point the temperature of the stuffing ought to likewise be 165 degrees.

To guarantee the temperature, check the accompanying three spots:

The thickest piece of the breast

The innermost piece of the wing

The innermost piece of the thigh

CHILL– Refrigerate scraps inside two hours and make sure to stop or utilize remains inside 3-4 days. Frozen leftovers should to be utilized inside 2-6 months for best quality. Keep in mind, microbes that reason foodborne diseases can’t be smelled or tasted.

“Be safe and meticulous with your food prep this holiday season. Have a healthy and happy Thanksgiving!”

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