Venus was ‘once same as Earth till atmosphere calamity moved it toward a hellfire planet’

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Venus was at one time a tenable planet with fluid water on its surface, much like our own, until out of control environmental change transformed it into a hellfire world.

New NASA PC models recommend that until 700 million years prior, temperatures extended from 20C to 50C on Venus’ surface.

NASA’s Pioneer Venus mission spotted indications that the planet had once had seas during the 1980s – however at the time, researchers accept that it had vanished rapidly.

In any case, new look into by the Nasa Goddard Institute for Space Science proposes that the sea may have gone on for billions of years.

The scientists accept that a puzzling calamity 700 million years back transformed Venus into an appalling world.

Lead scientist Dr Michael Way stated: ‘Something occurred on Venus where an immense measure of gas was discharged into the climate and couldn’t be re-consumed by the stones.

‘On Earth we have a few instances of huge scale outgassing – for example, the production of the Siberian Traps 500 million years back which is connected to a mass termination – yet nothing on this scale.’

The find recommends that life may once have flourished there – and implies that numerous planets spotted by telescopes could likewise once have facilitated life, the specialists accept.

Dr Way stated: ‘Our speculation is that Venus may have had a steady atmosphere for billions of years.

‘It is conceivable that the close worldwide reemerging occasion is in charge of its change from an Earth-like atmosphere to the repulsive hot-house we see today.

‘Our models demonstrate that there is a genuine plausibility that Venus could have been livable and drastically not quite the same as the Venus we see today.

‘This opens up a wide range of suggestions for exoplanets found in what is known as the “Venus Zone”, which may in truth have fluid water and mild atmospheres.’

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